Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas and Mideast Peace

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Hamas 'secures' stunning victory

I see that Hamas has won control of the Palestinian government in the recent election. While some may see this as a problem, I think it's possibly not a bad thing.

Granted, Hamas has not revised their official policy of calling for the destruction of Israel. On the other hand, repressing a large portion of the Palestinian populace is no way to win a lasting peace. Instead, Hamas has to come to the realization that sponsoring terror is no way to achieve their goals.

Look at it... terrorism did not place Hamas in charge of the Palestinian government: elections did. If the elected leaders realize this fact and are successful in maintaining a stable political government then perhaps they will make the small leap toward the realization that similar peaceful strategies will garner the political independence that decades of terrorism have failed to deliver.

It is our diplomats' job to help Hamas come to this realization if they don't on their own.