Monday, September 11, 2006

Never Forget.

Five years ago, on September 11th, 2001, the World Trade Center towers collapsed after being impacted by two hijacked airliners. On this same date, the Pentagon building was impacted by a third airliner, and similar damage to a target in our Capitol (likely, the White House) was averted by the heroic passengers of Flight 93.

This was not the result of some US government conspiracy, as is suggested by some, including the conspiracy lunatics who supplied this photo. Should you click through to read their retarded fantasies (which I invite you to do, since this sort of idiocy needs to be exposed), kindly click through to the devastating debunking available at

This damage was done by radical Islamic fundamentalists. They are terrorists and cowards who preferred to attack unwitting civilians to choosing legitimate military targets. They hide in mosques and schools and hospitals, and cry about human rights violations if they're discovered there. They demand rights and considerations that they would never in their most compassionate lapses grant to others. They have earned their deaths. It is our duty to deliver them.

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