Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something for Valentine's Day

I've written many, many songs, most of them with my lyricist friend, William Hoover, and most of which have been played only for close friends. I had a chat with William, and I think that's going to change. I need to invest in some equipment first, but we'll be putting up a new website with the lyrics and give the flavor of the tunes... simply to share and let other people hear what we've done and play them better.

Here's a quick one for Valentine's day. It's a bit old, but fortunately it's one of the few that can be played on my ailing keyboard. I think of it performed with Scottish flavor, perhaps with a snare drum.

To Be Here With You
Lyrics by William Hoover
Music by Dave Leigh

I would wait a thousand days
And just as many nights
Joust a million fools
To be here with you

I spin in my skin
For my armor's way too thin
But I'd do it all again
To be here with you


There is no castle wall
That could ever be too tall
To climb or to break through
To be here with you

I'd lay down my sword
As my honor is my word
And if it's the last thing I ever do
I want to be here with you

ToBeHereWithYou.mp3 ~2.8MB

Creative Commons License

This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.


  1. Hi Dave - Link to song is not working. (Long Time No See)

  2. Yeah, I moved them into another directory when I put up the music page. That way I could gather them in a static page and not have them fall off the blog. In any case, the link's been fixed.

    Great to hear from you!