Saturday, June 30, 2007

I got a new chair

Here's the thing about having kids; stuff in your house mysteriously breaks. I have an older son who's rarely in the house proper, and twin 11-year olds. With the twins, things break more often and nobody -- and I mean nobody -- ever cops to having done the breaking.

So it was with my office chair. I spent a day at work and came home to find that my chair had gone wubbly. You heard me... wubbly. The seat, which should have been firmly planted on the pedestal, was just sort of balancing precariously like a plate on a rod held by one of those Chinese circus performers. Not only that, but the pneumatic pedestal sort of stopped working so it's constantly in the up position when you get up, and sinks rapidly to the floor when you sit in it. According to the entire family, "it was just like that" without any action on their part. Sigh. I'm not looking to blame anybody; I just want to know wtf happened to the chair. It's not too much to ask.

So I bought a new chair. I went to where I bought my old one (Sam's Club), but no dice. The chair had been discontinued. So I bought this instead. I've really only got one major criterion for a chair, and that's that the armrests must attach firmly to both the seat and the back. It strengthens the whole thing. I looked at a bunch of chairs. This upscale model was rather nice (Despite the fact that the website says it's available on-line only, it actually was in the Spartanburg store). It's nice, but not nice enough to recommend it over the one I bought. I also didn't like the fact that the wood made it quite a bit more heavy. I also looked at a nice leather version of the same one I bought, which, for only $15 more than I eventually paid is a steal. However, the micro-fiber chair I got was simply more comfortable, and it doesn't make you sweat like the leather does.

I'm having to get used to the fact that it's a little narrower than my old seat, but now that I have been sitting in it a couple of days, I can tell you it's just a really, really good chair. Ahhhh.

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