Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's your candidate IQ?

The Chicago Tribune has a couple of quizzes online to test your candidate "IQ". I thought it would be fun to put the questions side-by-side to see how the media spin their coverage of the separate candidates.

(Hey, I post my opinions... but if the major media pretend to be neutral we should hold their feet to the fire. Speaking of spin... I picked neither the smug, smarmy picture of Obama, nor the hunched up picture of McCain... the Trib did that.)

It might be my imagination, but are the Obama questions a little light on substance? I'm not sure whether this is because of some difference in the spin or because there's just not enough Obama experience to fill out 20 questions. It's nice to know what kind of car Obama drove in college while at the same time discussing the number of issues on which McCain split from the Republican establishment (the answer to that one is "All of the above", btw... as a maverick and effective agent of change he tends to do that).

Click on the text in each column header to take the corresponding quiz. (Scroll waaayyy down for this if you don't see it... Blogger is acting strange today.)

McCain Quiz

Obama Quiz

1What historic event did John McCain's grandfather witness firsthand? Obama's camp touts his mom as a Kansas native. Where did she spend her teen years?
2Where was John McCain born? In his third-grade essay, what did Obama say he wanted to become?
3Where did McCain graduate in his class at the Naval Academy? Obama spent three years of his childhood at what kind of school in Indonesia?
4What was the nickname of the North Vietnamese prison where McCain was held? An Indonesian word Obama used when teasing friends there meant what?
5What is McCain's religion? According to a friend at Punahou High School, what did he and Obama often discuss?
6Before his election to Congress, what job did McCain hold? What was Obama's most common choice of footwear during his freshman year at Occidental College?
7McCain defied President Reagan by refusing to back what? What personal vice has Obama battled since at least college?
8On what other issues had McCain broken with the Republican establishment? What kind of car did Obama buy to drive from Chicago to Harvard Law School?
9What tax plan has McCain proposed in the current presidential race? Whom did Obama randomly meet on a South Side street corner as a young
community organizer -- an encounter that would later help propel his
political career?
10How did McCain, a victim of torture, vote on a bill to require the CIA abide by torture bans outlined in the Army Field Manual? In July 1995, who became one of Obama's first political contributors?
11What is McCain's position on abortion?
What did Obama do in that first run for political office?
12How has McCain traveled during his 2008 campaign? Obama nearly came to blows with West Side Democrat Ricky Hendon over what?
13McCain has jokingly described himself as older than: How long after taking office did it take Obama to give his first major
speech on the Iraq war as a U.S. Senator?
14What is the name of McCain's current campaign bus? Just weeks after his arrival in the U.S. Senate, Obama met with his
advisers to map his political strategy, which some dubbed the "2010-2012-2016" plan. Its broad outline:
15How did McCain help Donald Diamond, a wealthy Arizona real estate developer, close friend and political donor? When did Obama first introduce legislation setting a timetable for
withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq?
16What is NOT one of McCain's health-care proposals? As a freshman U.S. senator, Obama joined veteran Sen. Richard Lugar
(R-Ind.) on a fact-finding tour through the former Soviet Union to
study what?
17What is NOT part of McCain's economic plan? Obama told the editorial board he made a "boneheaded" move by doing what?
18What is NOT one of John McCain's positions on Second Amendment rights? What is not part of Obama's plan to strengthen civil rights?
19In 2001, McCain allies set up a think tank, the Reform Institute, to promote transparency in government. What has the institute done since then?What is not part of Obama's plan for "restoring fiscal discipline"?
20Before he quit in 1980, how many cigarettes per day did John McCain smoke? What is not part of Obama's plan for immigration?

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