Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thanks for the advice, Alan

Alan Colmes provides provided us with a milk-through-the-nose moment this evening when he said, "If McCain wanted to be a maverick then he should have picked somebody like Joe Lieberman."

Get that? To be a maverick, McCain should make the choices that the Liberals expect him to make. The left-wing media's outrage about McCain's choice of Sarah Palin boils down to "why didn't you choose who I wanted you to choose?" And the reason for this is simple: they are very, very scared. They would not be making up sexist FUD about about Palin if they weren't. They wouldn't be dredging up complete irrelevancies as her husband's 22-year old DUI charge. That's right boys and girls... over two decades ago the Vice Presidential candidate's spouse had too much to drink.

Hmmm... years ago what was Barack Obama doing? Oh, yeah... according to his memoirs, he was doing drugs. Y'know, like marijuana and cocaine.

The Democrats do NOT want to put the same scrutiny on their own candidates as they'd like to put on others, and that's just a fact. But they can't afford not to try, simply because Palin is so strong a choice. So you're going to see increasingly vicious attacks against her while Obama sits back with clean hands and decries it. And you'll see more "helpful advice" like Alan Colmes'.

Folks, McCain doesn't need anybody to appeal to moderates... he does that all by his little lonely. In case you've forgotten, McCain is the guy who has differed with his party on several substantive issues of conscience. "Someone like Joe Lieberman" just doesn't add anything to the ticket that McCain doesn't already bring. Remember that when you hear the "helpful" advice spouted by people who have a vested interest in seeing you fail. Fortunately, McCain doesn't take advice from Alan Colmes, and is free to make the right choice instead. And this choice has the far left quaking in their boots.

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