Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Live in the present, Obama

This from Reuters. Barack Obama, on his qualifications vs. Governor Palin's:
"My understanding is that Gov. Palin's town, Wasilla, has I think 50 employees. We've got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million dollars a year -- we have a budget of about three times that just for the month," Obama had said.
Y'know for somebody who's supposed to be a pretty smart guy, Barack Obama can't keep his facts straight. Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, not the mayor of the town of Wasilla.

She used to be mayor. She has about as much experience at being governor as Obama has at being a Senator. The big difference is this: as a Senator, Obama has no executive experience; Palin does. She is, quite frankly, more qualified to be the Chief Executive than Obama. Also, she has a solid, proven record of not just campaigning for change, but actually delivering it, even when that means going against her own party incumbents.

Thanks to Obama for once again highlighting the fact that he himself is less qualified than John McCain's running mate, and horribly underqualified compared to McCain himself. It is after all, the maverick reformer John McCain that Obama must beat. Perhaps if he's reminded enough Obama will remember that. I suggest he tape a note to his bathroom mirror... because whatever he's doing now just isn't working.

And thanks to Obama for highlighting the difference between his own empty promises and the actual reforms instituted by Palin in her home state and by McCain in Congress.

A couple of posts ago I noted that the masks are off, and the Democrats were showing their true faces. Those faces are uglier than I thought, and more sexist. Their comments run the gamut of nasty conspiracies, ranging from "Trig's not really her child" to "She's a bad mother for seeking office". Most boil down to thinking she has to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen to be a good conservative... and these idiots think they are feminists.

Let's straighten out some common misconceptions; being a conservative doesn't mean that your children are never going to be in trouble. Conservative parents face the same issues as Liberals: the big difference is how they respond to them and how their children respond. Sarah Palin's daughter is 17 and pregnant. She's also keeping the child and getting married. That's walking the walk, and shame on the hypocritical Democrat or Republican that criticize her for it. My own mother wes 16 when she got married. So?

Also, being conservative doesn't mean that the "little woman" stays home. The Palin children have a mother AND a father. It takes both of those - not a village - to raise children. Without a mom and dad you're in trouble no matter how many people try to run your life... but with two parents you can grow up happy and strong without the village. And it doesnt' matter which parent works. When any Democrat casts doubts about whether Palin can be VP and a mother I want you to look him in the eye and ask exactly why it's OK for John-John and Caroline, or Amy, or Chelsea to have had a father who was President, but it's not OK for Trig to have a mother who's the VP? Ask what possible reason could they have for such a sexist, pig-headed and blatantly wrong point of view?

I've heard them disguise the argument this way: "Many conservatives feel...". Bullshit. I'm conservative, and so are most of the people I know, and I know of not one who subscribes to that anachronistic way of thinking. Not. A. Single. One. The Democrats who are using that argument are simply using it as a smokescreen. They don't really know any conservatives that feel that way; but saying they do give them license (in their minds) to say the most outrageous lies and blame it on those nameless, faceless (and bodiless) "conservatives." They should be ashamed of themselves, and should be called out.

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