Saturday, September 26, 2009

The. Best. Fan. Film. Ever.

After having watched that turkey the other day, I am so incredibly jazzed to have seen The Hunt for Gollum, a 40-minute fan film from Independent Online Cinema.

Here's the trailer.

Director Chris Bouchard and his crew at Independent Online Cinema have nailed everything. The cinematography, the costumes, the music, the acting, the locations, the CGI... 100% spot-on. And most amazingly, they did it with a budget of only £3000.

That makes this a very short review. You must watch this movie! Watch the trailer. Then watch the feature (39 minutes). Then watch the Behind the Scenes documentary. Watch them in HD. Then head on over to and read more about it. Drink in the professionalism of not just the production, but the website and related materials.

Independent Online Cinema have a new film by Chris Bouchard in the works. It's a futuristic thriller called Residue. If The Hunt for Gollum is any indication of what this director and crew can accomplish, I anticipate Residue with bated breath.


  1. If you liked "The Hunt for Gollum," I think you will like "Born of Hope," a LOTR fan film that is scheduled to be released online Dec. 1. You can see pictures, trailers, and a lot of other stuff about it at

  2. If the film is anywhere near as good as the trailer, it'll be great.

    I've always wondered about the continuation of the Numenoreans and the line of kings... there HAD to be villages, women, etc., but they're never described in the LOTR, nor marked on the maps. It looks like this film addresses the gap.