Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Best TV is on the Web

There's something seriously wrong with the fact that the best SyFy channel production I've ever seen is a series of webisodes. You think MAYBE if they tried, the former SciFi channel could actually produce some decent SCIENCE FICTION that doesn't involve giant mutant animal crossbreeds. It turns out they can... it just doesn't get airtime.

the Mercury Men is set in the mid-1970s, shot in black-and-white, with 1930s technology and plot. It's astoundingly and delightfully anacronistic, with a complete disdain for real science... and that's ok. It's an amazingly cool retro look, and well worth your time.

It amazes me that this isn't on the channel proper. Apparently there's some guy at a desk with a cigar whose job it is to be clueless about what their audience really wants. Then there's somebody else making an end run 'round to the webmaster as an outlet for the fans. Be one of the fans, get your head out of the cable box, and check out the web.

Many of the very best shows are to be had on the web rather than TV. Here are some examples:
  • hosts a webisode series of Warehouse 13  called "Of Monsters and Men"
  • Trenches is outer space trench warfare with feature-film production values.
  • Star Trek Phase 2 chronicles the voyages of the original starship Enterprise, captained by James T. Kirk. As you may know, Desilu only shot 3 seasons of the original Star Trek, though the introduction always specified a "five-year mission". James Cawley and Retro Films Studio are filling us in on the missing two years.
Where do you find new web series? Well, there's And keep an eye out on not only do they host web-only series, but practically any show is a series of webisodes when streamed. What's clear is that you don't need cable TV for decent entertainment.

Do you have some favorite web-only series? Comment below.

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