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Nazis, Cake, and Gay Pride

WARNING: Strong language appears in this post. If strong language and strong opinions offend you, do not read it. Please watch some Muppets instead. Muppets are fun.

A Facebook friend shared an image and caption

@Dave Someone took your idea, Dave...
Should a Jewish baker be forced by the State to bake THIS cake
for a White Supremist's birthday? According to gay Rights activist...
Of course the cake metaphor is in response to stories like this one reported on

Although we had a prior discussion of Nazis and cake, the Nazi cake above does NOT illustrate my idea at all. My observation is entirely different. I'm not talking about a Nazi forcing a Jew to make an offensive Nazi cake, full of Nazi, with Nazi all over it (to paraphrase another friend).

Reverse the roles. Would a Jew sue a Nazi baker for refusing to bake him a cake? No Magen David, no weirdness... just a plain old ordinary cake. What if the story were exactly as depicted in the charges in Oregon... just flat-out discriminatory business practices based on nothing but hatred with no religious dogma to use as a shield?  Would the Jew sue?

Hell no.
HELL no.

And do you know why? Because the Jew's got integrity, and he's not going to do business with a FUCKING NAZI.

He's certainly not to cast himself as some weak-assed narcissistic co-dependent emotional basket case by running to Mommy and Daddy and pathetically crying that the mean old man down the street "doesn't love me... MAKE him love me!"

After centuries of persecution and pogroms... after the wholesale slaughter of six million of his family in a World War... and despite all the Woody Allen Jewish psychiatrist stereotypes... the Jew isn't that fucked in the head.

The Nazi has every right to be a dick, but the Jew isn't going to give his valuable custom to a dick. He'll take it somewhere else, or bake his own damned cake and serve it with his head held high. He's certainly not going to beg a court: "Please make them take my money... I have a right to pay their bills!"


Now, my metaphor isn't nearly as sympathetic to the Christian baker... let's face it, it's not at all sympathetic. The Christians can take care of themselves... but I'm speaking of the point of view of the gay plaintiffs.

Guys, gals, and pronouns of your own devising... I know you think you're being really clever, but you're not. You're just being a bunch of monumentally oppressive jerks on your own behalf. And having a pet bully in the courts doesn't make you right.

When the baker doesn't make your cake, He's the jerk, but that's all he is. But he has a right to be a jerk and hold whatever beliefs he has. And he didn't force you to walk in the door. But the court errs egregiously when they claim that the First Amendment doesn't apply because the bakery is "not a religious institution". The freedom of religion isn't about "religious institutions", and I congratulate you on finding a judge so astoundingly stupid and uneducated that he thinks it does. The freedom of religion is about your individual right to worship God -- or not -- as you personally see fit. And that applies to the business owner whether he puts a cross on the building or not.

And when he doesn't make your cake you're offended and disappointed, but that's all you are. So buy a different fucking cake from a nicer guy, and then get online, talk up the good guy and blast the bigot. Convince his customers to go elsewhere... Don't beg to feed his fucking family. What the fuck is wrong with you? You call that gay pride? Because it looks a lot different.

By employing force to get your way, you've become bigger dicks than the dicks you oppose ever hoped to be. You're more oppressive than they are. And you've managed to convince a court to violate the First Amendment of the Constitution so that you can have not just cake, but a specific cake baked by a personal slave... a slave who still doesn't love your despotic ass. Congrats, on that, too. Maybe you can force a trophy-shop slave to provide you a little something for the mantle in celebration of the achievement.


BTW, if you can comprehend that the Jew has a right not to do business with the Nazi, and you comprehend that you have a right not to do business with the bigot, then there's something seriously wrong with you if you don't comprehend the bigot's right not to do business with you. Rights apply equally... even the people you completely disagree with have the same rights you do.

Now, personally, I don't like bigots. I think it's a great idea for as many people as possible not to do business with bigots. If they want your money they'll start treating you better. You lose the contest to see which of you is the bigger shithead the moment you decide to play that stupid, stupid game.

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