Monday, July 20, 2015

Vote for Bernie!

Kevin D. Williamson wrote a piece about Bernie Sanders for the National Review:

Apparently, Williamson doesn't like him much. If he had "checked his Intellectual Privilege" he might be more enamored with the fellow.

Me personally, I wouldn't complain if Bernie were to trounce everyone else in the Democratic party... at least all the folks they have running now. In fact, I fully endorse him as the Democratic candidate. And it's not because I checked my Intellectual Privilege either.

It's because he's unelectable. The nomination of Bernie Sanders would all but guarantee a Democratic loss. I don't much like anybody they're fielding, and Bernie stands a good chance of winning the battle and losing the war. The reason is that the last time we put "Nationalism" and "Socialism" together, we got this:

Sieg Heil!
(not the real Hitler: just an amazing facimile)

All he's missing is a red flag with a black-and-white hakenkreuz. Yes, I know of Bernie's background. Sonuvabitch should be ashamed of himself. Don't think so? Read the piece. Then go watch a speech or two of his and see for yourself. Make sure to bring your Intellectual Privilege; you'll find it handy.

UPDATE: Bernie's candidacy WOULD have guaranteed a Democratic loss were it not for something that happened just after I first posted this: Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy. Now we're back to two parties arguing over which toilet to put the country in.

Picture from Zach Gibson/The New York Times, modified for (obvious) parody, criticism, and political commentary in accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 107. By the way, there is a boatload of pictures on the web depicting Sanders with his open right hand in the air. Are the photojournalists trying to show us something, or is this all just an amazing coincidence? 

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