Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vote for Donald!

In my last post I endorsed Bernie Sanders for the Democratic primary (although I'm not a Democrat). I figure I should endorse someone on the Republican side, if only out of a sense of fairness (although I'm not a Republican either).

So this time, after a careful examination of all of the candidates, I'm backing Donald Trump for the Republican primary. Why? For the same reasons I'm endorsing Bernie, of course! He's unelectable.

The Ric Flair of politics. WOOOO! WOOOO!

Yes, a bunch of folks are all excited about plain talk and in-your-face-attitude, but now happens to be the time of day when that stopped clock Lindsey Graham is right: Trump is a jackass. Even the people who like and support what he's saying know that he's a boorish, un-Presidential, un-statesmanlike jerk. That's why they like and support what he's saying... it needs to be said, unfiltered. But it's entertainment, not politics. That's why at the end of the day, over 60% of people responding to polls have indicated that they would not vote for Trump for President under any circumstances whatsoever.

The Democrats have no viable candidate. On the other hand, the Republicans have too many candidates; anyone reasonable will most likely be drowned out by the noise. Given that both parties are doing their damnedest to completely shred their chances at winning the presidency in 2016; and given that the American people may very well be offered a choice between the loud drunk guy at the bowling alley bar and the Second Coming of der F├╝hrer, enough may very well choose to quit the game altogether and vote for a sane choice.

In a year when any Democrat who wasn't a complete liar or idiot could ride Obama's coat-tails into the Oval Office -- and failing that, the Republicans could have walked into the White House virtually unopposed --who could have imagined that the best hope for a Libertarian president would be those same two parties?

Here's hoping they keep up the good work.

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