Thursday, September 17, 2015

Still Did Their Jobs - Part 2

So. I've posted some very provocative images to criticize a very stupid meme... "Still Did Their Jobs". My point in doing so was to point out the utter lack of logic in the meme's very premise... that you should blindly follow authority. The images I posted show exactly what happens when you do that.

Of course, some people aren't going to be capable of separating that from the Kim Davis issue itself, so I'm clarifying my previously stated position, clearly and more concisely:

Mrs. Davis should issue the marriage licenses as directed. The reason is that this is NOT an issue that infringes on her religion, for the following reasons:
  1. These are not religious licenses. They are secular licenses, issued by a secular state which it forbidden by the Constitution from making any law regarding the establishment of religion. Therefore it is not constitutionally possible that the law is intended to support "Christian marriage" as opposed to merely "marriage",
  2. Even if the law were based in religion, Mrs. Davis has already violated her principles many times, as licenses have been issued to people of all faiths... and no faith. Some of them, such as Satanists, violate Christian principles, yet it has never been Mrs. Davis' practice to deny them a license.
  3. The argument that she promised to uphold the law as it existed when she was sworn in is simply invalid. That's neither what an oath of office says or means. Laws are made and revised all the time, and it is not the prerogative of a clerk to demand that the Law be frozen at the time of her taking office.
  4. If Mrs. Davis conscientiously objects to the new demands of her office, then she should do what any conscientious objector does: refuse to serve. That is, step down and allow someone else to serve in her place. 
If Kim Davis were to step down, I would be among the first to hail her for having the courage to live in accordance with her deeply-held religious convictions. I cannot laud her in the same fashion for continuing to take a paycheck for a job she doesn't intend to perform dispassionately, even-handedly, and in its entirety.

Now. All that said, while I'm fine with expressing an opinion, this isn't an issue for the American people to resolve. It's a matter for the courts and the people of Rowan County, Kentucky. Which of the several ways to solve this should be taken is no more my business than it would be the business of a California resident to lobby about the internal politics of Union, South Carolina. They have a population with more than a few adults who can govern their own affairs.

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