Monday, September 07, 2015

Vigilante Tech

They are getting a little better about this; in Marvel, Reed Richards has made a fortune licensing tech. But not the good stuff. Nope. You're not ready for that.

It's not just the "too dangerous" aspect either... here's a sample line of heroic thinking:
"I could sell this tech and become a billionaire, because... damn! Look at this stuff!"
"I would rather help people than personally profit from this. I'm going to wear tights."
Never mind that you would have only become a billionaire because you helped a fat lot of people in ways far more profound than if you rescued their wallet or cat. And never mind that if you felt the slightest bit of guilt at being karmically enriched by all the good that you're doing, you could buy your way out of it by donating the money back to a shit-ton of other people who would similarly be helped. Nah, the short term "socially conscious" thought wins out. Style over substance. Self-promotion in the form of bright colors and instant gratification.

Of course, this attitude is all too prevalent here on Earth-Prime as well, both in regard to "dangerous tech" and in the approach to helping society.

The Cyborg character is copyrighted by DC Comics. Used under Fair Use for political commentary and parody.

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