Sunday, April 21, 2019

Some Light Reading

Do you think you spot the fake news better than the "other side"?
Liberals and Conservatives Are Both Susceptible to Fake News, but for Different Reasons

Do you think the "other side" is evil and wicked, but you got it right?
New studies suggest liberals are as blinkered and biased as conservatives
The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb

Do you think that just because you're liberal you "fucking love science"?
Liberals and low IQ believe in astrology more
Liberals Don’t Really F**king Love Science
Scientific literacy, optimism about science and conservatism
Why Everyone Believes in Magic (Even You) - Live Science
Who is More Anti-Science: Conservatives or Liberals?
(I myself have previously described the "cargo cult" understanding of science that I've observed among many of those who proclaim that they "fucking love science". They treat science as if it were magic; and worse: they treat science as if it were a person or set of conclusions instead of a process by which we evaluate data and make our own conclusions. As a result, "science" to them is no different, conceptually, to the sort of deference to authority that you'd get from any religion. You can't "fucking love science" if you don't fucking know what it fucking is.)

You don't believe those links?
The Real War on Science

Do you think your political and economic views are well reasoned?
Millennials' Political Views Don't Make Any Sense

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Do you think the "other side" is full of hypocrites, but you're ok?
Are Liberals Bigger Drug Users? 

Do you think that bias is always bad?
Editorial Bias

(Know your biases and control them. Treat them as tools. Do not be so "open minded" that your brain falls out.)

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