Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Freedom of Speech


It's been a while since I've posted anything, mainly because I've been writing a book while at the same time battling cancer. But I would like to take time to post a couple of thoughts:

Censorship is evil. If you can't handle free speech, then YOU are evil. It's your reality. Live with it, or change for the better.

If you simply can't handle the thought that someone might express an opinion with which you disagree, you're not a liberal: you're a totalitarian. You're not a socialist: you're anti-social. 

The only way to test an idea is to pit it against another. If your thoughts are so fragile that you cannot under any circumstances allow that to happen, preferring to label competing ideas as "hate speech", defined as that which is at odds with your own beliefs despite your clear attempts to disguise that, then your own beliefs are too weak to defend. You have already lost the argument.

Again, it's your reality. 

 Live with it, or change for the better.

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