Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Real History and Real Masculinity

 If you'd like to see some real history, try the TimeLine channel on YouTube. They've got a great assortment of  content... notably including the masterful British archaeology series, Time Team

Another thing that recently piqued my interest here was a series of documentaries about the "Devil's Brigade". Composed of US and Canadian troops, this was the first group of elite special forces, requested by Churchill during WW2 and trained by the US Army. They were the fore-runners of the Green Berets, the Army Rangers, the Navy Seals, et. al

TimeLine airs a series of documentaries where modern recruits go through the same training, with the same equipment, as their WWII counterparts. Unsurprisingly (to me at least) even modern Rangers and Seals are daunted by the training.

Among these documentaries are interviews with actual surviving members of the Devil's Brigade. And it's in these conversations that you get a brief glimpse of what today's world is finding so hard to produce. 

Real. actual, men.

We hear so much of "toxic masculinity" that many people just take it for granted that masculinity is toxic... bad... to be avoided. They have no idea what masculinity is. They don't have clear examples in front of them. As one who did have that example in the form of my stepfather -- a Marine who served in WWII -- I feel very sad for the fatherless, mal-adjusted, mal-educated people who don't understand it.

But as I said, in these documentaries, you get a glimpse. You hear from actual men who liberated Anzio from Nazi tyranny. Real Nazi tyranny, not the pretended labels forced on people you simply disagree with. These men climbed sheer mountain faces with no safety equipment, carrying sixty pounds of munitions on their backs. Without armor, they braved flat, featureless fields of grass defended by Nazi machine guns... and they won the battle. And in the words of one member of the Devil's Brigade, "We did it for the women." 

No, they didn't do it to get laid. Rather, they laid down their lives so that their wives and daughters would not be faced with the horrors of war at home. They did it to liberate European women who most of the men would never see again. 

If you truly think that masculinity is toxic, unless and until you give me solid reasons otherwise (and thus far I've never met anyone anywhere who did) the most believable reason is that you have never met or spent time with an actual man. You've certainly never raised one.

It's horrifying to see women who so misunderstand what drives men that they actually view the prevalence of  men in the infantry as some sort of insult or slight. These men rate women so highly that they will literally sacrifice themselves for them. It's one of the greatest tragedies of our age that many of the women they would die for simply don't deserve it.

Marxists and Socialists were the great enemies of civilization in the 20th century. They remain the great enemies today. Their tactics remain as George Orwell described them... to re-define the language: to turn up to down; black to white; inside to outside; virtue to sin, etc. Being the one most effective bulwark against rampant totalitarianism, Masculinity is redefined as "toxic". And the sheer stupidity of believing these tactics is touted as wisdom. Well, calling it wisdom doesn't make it so. The teaching of lies is not education. And the facts of history are still facts, immune to re-interpretation.

None of these Leftist tactics are new. Hans Christian Andersen published The Emperor's New Clothes om 1837. Fortunately, there are still people who recognize a naked Emperor when they see one.

The members of the Devil's Brigade certainly could. That goes for the rest of the Greatest Generation, including my stepfather, Clifford Terrel Cribbe, who until his dying day remained a Marine, never an ex-Marine. Decades after the fact, when he still woke in the middle of some nights with flop-sweat, he knew what he fought for, and he knew it was worth it.

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