Ground Rules

This blog has ground rules, which are entirely non-negotiable.

This blog, “Ruminations”, is an outlet for my opinions, thoughts, and recommendations. It has been from its inception. There is no claim anywhere that I'm revealing “the truth”, and this should be plain in context. For those who fail to get it from context, I display the purpose of this blog plainly and clearly in the banner that appears at the top of each and every page. It says: Ruminations Opinions, Thoughts, & Recommendations. However, I do receive comments from the occasional Mensa candidate who has still not read or comprehended that plain statement despite an IQ of 161, so I am happy to rephrase it for the purpose of their enlightenment.

Plainly stated: this blog is an outlet for my unfiltered opinions. Furthermore, it exists for my amusement and thus exists for an audience of one. Me. In it I discuss only those things that interest me. I have no obligation to discuss anything else. I have no obligation to please anyone. You may then wonder, "what's the point?" The answer to that is, "none of your business." You have no obligation to read it. As it is an outlet for my opinions, I will state those opinions however I please, in a way and using such language as effectively communicates not only the concepts, but the emotions that I wish to express.

It’s also a moderated blog. No comment is posted without my express permission. The prime reason is that I want to be alerted to the post so that I may craft a timely response, should I feel it appropriate.

A second reason is to prevent certain people from embarrassing themselves (I sometime reply rather kindly in email to people who have the integrity to post their names. On the contrary, I am as harsh as I wish to be toward “Anonymous”, as there is no public stigma attached to them personally and it makes my responses shorter).

A third is to prevent spam, thinly disguised product placement ads, etc. (of which I get a lot). But I do post comments even when they are not flattering to me. Those are often the best. But rest assured that this is my blog, for the expression of my opinions, and that holds true for the comments section. Exercise Article 100 or the First Amendment on your own blog.

Consider yourself enlightened.

Two other things:

  • I sometimes revise a post. This isn't some immutable archive of historical import. If new information comes to me about a subject that I've previously written, and it's still getting traffic, I'm as likely to revise the old post as write a new one. I will definitely revise without comment in the case of grammar or spelling. Usually I annotate content changes, but if you're expecting some rigor in this regard, your disappointment will be palpable.
  • I link heavily to Wikipedia here. This is not a scientific treatise or term paper. The links are for your benefit, not mine. Wikipedia is generally clearly written, and if it isn't then there are folks (like me, occasionally) who go in and fix it. It's also well-referenced. Wikipedia is not the end stop in a quest for references, but it's can be the beginning of a discussion. If you need more than a cursory understanding of a subject, dig in to the references there until you're satisfied. Really, folks, if you're complaining about the use of Wikipedia, it's an extremely strong indication that you don't know how to use any reference, and shouldn't be on the Internet without adult supervision.

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